What are the 7 secrets inside relationship abuse?

Get your copy of The Wolf In A Suit to find out

Part 1: Fairy Tale or Nightmare

In the Introduction I begin to share Why I wrote this book and Who this book is for.

In the next six chapters, I share two versions and my interpretation of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. These are woven around my personal, uncensored story of how I got caught, what daily life was like, what helped me to wake up and leave, and what life was like going through court and the police system. I also share about life through the healing process for me and my children and my reflections about how my childhood influenced and shaped me into becoming Little Red Riding Hood which led to getting caught by a Wolf.

Part 2: In the Real World

Through the final eight chapters; I breakdown all the elements and layers how women (and men) get caught, why and how it is difficult to come to terms with the reality of the abuse and the challenges to get out. I bring aspects from the family, the body in stress, the mind in stress, the female stress response, attachment patterns, beliefs about anger, family, power and love; society, religion, culture, history, our DNA, the power of the unconscious, and the layers of conscious beliefs, ideals and values which influence our choices, perceptions and possibilities. I bring these fascinating and clear bites of information together with the help of nine fairy tales and my unique interpretations, poems and other information, as ways to explain and explore the dynamics of feelings, family, behaviors and relationships to become fully free.

I find your book extremely thorough and thought-provoking. I really love how you’ve discussed all of the issues in the context of the reinterpreted fairy stories. I’m loving the way you’re weaving the fairy stories into your book … [The Cinderella, Anger] chapter was particularly very well presented and really enlightening. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Richard Burian, Language and E-book publishing Specialist

I am getting into Bluebeard’s Seduction! Your book is so insightful and full of wisdom. I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Anonymous Reader

  • Introduction: Telling Tales

  • Part 1: Fairy Tale or Nightmare

  • Chapter 1: Little Red Riding Hood
    How I got caught
  • Chapter 2: In the Wolf’s Belly
    What daily life was like living with the Wolf
  • Chapter 3: The Woodcutter Within
    How I woke up to realise this was abuse
  • Chapter 4: Snarling Wolf
    Leaving. The revenge and punishment from the Wolf. The challenges of court, police and therapy.
  • Chapter 5: Changing the Path
    Healing and growing.
  • Chapter 6: Where was mother and father?
    More about how my childhood shaped me for this life.
  • Part 2: In the Real World

  • Chapter 7: Rumpelstiltskin: The power of naming, what is abuse, the 14 types of abuse and the difference between abuse and conflict
  • Chapter 8: The Handless Maiden: How Family, Culture, History, Society, and Religion influence and shape our choices
  • Chapter 9: Bluebeard’s Seduction: Love, False Love and the hooks which make it hard to leave.
    Bonus: The Ugly Duckling: belonging and rejection.
  • Chapter 10: Banished Lilith: Anger, anger myths, Power, Assertion, Aggression and Passivity.
    Bonus: Cinderella and the need for a model of healthy assertion and power.
  • Chapter 11: The Little Match Girl: the two types of Hope and why the Cycle of Violence is inaccurate.
  • Chapter 12: The Red Shoes: Stress, Women’s unique stress response
  • Chapter 13: Vasilisa the Queen: Healing and reclaiming your feminine instinct
  • Afterward

  • Read the Introduction. You may then be ready to dive in and read The Wolf in a Suit from cover to cover. If you are not, and want to take a piece at a time, here is a suggested guide.
  • To read my story, read Chapters 1-6
  • To read about What is abuse, the types of abuse and the difference between abuse and conflict, read Chapter 7
  • To read about Family, Culture, History, Religion read Chapter 8
  • To read about Love, False Love and the hooks which make it hard to leave read Chapter 9
  • To read about Anger, Power, lAssertion, Aggression and Passivity read Chapter 10
  • To read about Hope and the Cycle of Violence read Chapter 11
  • To read about Stress, Women’s unique stress response read Chapter 12
  • To read about Healing and reclaiming your feminine instinct read Chapter 13
  • Read the Afterward for closure

I am reading The Wolf in a Suit, and I want to tell you, every woman needs to read this book. You explain the details about relationships, love, anger, stress and being a whole person, as well as all the information about abuse that is relevant to every woman.

The book is written in non psychology speak which enables the lay person to understand and relate to the information in the book in the most gentlest of ways.

Anonymous reader

The Wolf in a Suit

The 7 Secrets Inside Relationship Abuse
Fairy Tales and Truths for Women, Community and Professionals

Published 2016 : 560 pages 

The Wolf in a Suit can appear quite charming.

I tell you the true story of the Snarling Wolf that people don’t ‘see’, and how Little Red Riding Hood gets caught. Learn how you can develop the Woodcutter Within, get off the Wolf’s path, and out of his tricks and manipulation.

Women who have read the book are saying, ‘this is a book every woman should read. This is not just about abuse. This book is about love, stress, anger and all the complexities inside relationships.’

I want to tell you the story of what goes on behind the personal, closed and secret doors of Domestic Violence. The full story, without shame, guilt or fear distorting the truth. Without minimising the story out of risk of offending others. The full story without protecting the Wolf or family from their denial, and without appeasing their desire to hide their failings.

Most people don’t realise when they are in an abusive relationship. Walk beside me as I reveal my personal story, from not knowing, to waking up. Then stay with me as I retell the story through the lens of my twenty plus years as a psychotherapist, who has wrestled with understanding the experience of love, family, disappointment and healing. Plus, the added bonus of eleven fairy tales to soothe the soul and demonstrate the subtle dynamics within abuse.

By the time you turn the last page you will know how to recognise the Wolf, how not to be tricked by Bluebeard’s seduction. You will see the traps of Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. You will discover the cost of the Red Shoes stress response and its involuntary takeover, as well as the unique female stress response.

There are many more fairy tales to explore, explain and deepen your understandings about how our environment shapes us; as well as about the influences and experience of being human, and what we are born into.

Through the real stories, psychology, science and fairy tales, your mind and soul will be fed and nourished to understand the incomprehensible. The healing continues, till you become an active part of the community and your environment, through the creation of the Woodcutter Within, and learn about genuine and effective healing tools. Finally you will discover to the importance of finding your community, or how you can become someone in that community, who can now recognise, communicate, acknowledge, include, take action and gather you in, to belong.

I draw on my personal experience of abuse, the years following recovering and I then unpack from my years as a Psychotherapist, the really, big, fascinating, mind-blowing detailed picture of what was really going on.

My uncensored story and over twenty years of professional experience combine to provide a complete reality. Let’s take off the fairy tale goggles and see what is really going on behind those personal, closed doors. Let’s not forget about also looking inside the closed doors of the community and society who silently participate in a larger cycle of denial, disbelief and not protecting the vulnerable. Find out what the community needs to know to finally transform.

This book is suitable for all women (and men). This book is a clear and fresh guide for professionals and community members who want to engage differently with their clients or family and friends.