The Ultimate Formula for Moving Forward

The Ultimate Formula for Moving Forward
the essential guide when an abusive relationship has controlled your life

Are you confused?

Have you left a toxic or abusive relationship?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the memories and emotional pain, and don’t know where to start?

Follow this comprehensive guide to navigate what is most important in your process of healing.

During the editing process of this ebook, the editor, (who has experience in psy-chology), described this book, “Great that you’ve gathered such a lot of useful material in easy to digest form. Though your focus is domestic violence, nearly all of the techniques would be helpful in all sorts of stresses and traumas”. JH

• Step by step guide to finding the pieces and finding inner peace
• Clear and comprehensive
• Build and repair confidence
• Restore your body, mind and soul
• Sections on mind-body trauma and the healing process
• Simple and practical steps covering: safety, self-soothing and healing, connec-tion in community, identity, trust, and a positive future.

‘I have a history of family violence. My father was physically violent to my mother. I was unhappy in my marriage and had tried to leave but found it difficult to make the break. Anita helped me clarify feelings, which were hazy and unclear. Anita helped me acknowledge, recognise and confirm that I was in an abusive relationship, which enabled me to feel independent in my choice to leave the abuser after a twenty-seven year marriage. I now feel at peace from my past.’

Cristina Zambon, Client