Anita is an amazing beautiful person who is reshaping women's lives. She not only has done so through her writing, but by getting out there and 'doing', rallying together others to help women in their lives in anyway needed. Through helping each other we not only get the things done what we need done, but we can also build beautiful friendships and help bring happiness back into our lives. Thank you Anita for all you've done in my life.

Kerry Arch

Anita is a warm and inviting woman who has guided me in every aspect of my life. I can say that I would not be in the most amazing position if it were not for her. She has assisted in my personal and emotional life, guiding me and supporting me through some very tough and tenuous times, with all her experience and knowledge, Anita was able to hold me in a safe and permissable space. Nothing was too much for Anita. I hold Anita in the highest regard, Anita is honest, authentic, loving and will help you find all that you are! I highly recommend working with the wonderful Anita Bentata.

Cristina Zambon

Brilliant book by a brilliant lady .. I feel this book should be mandatory reading for teenage girls ... god if I had only read it years ago I would've saved myself a lot of misery!

Nessa Magee

As a writer and as an individual, I've referred to this book over and over. It holds a huge amount of crucial information to help women truly see the spidery web of abuse... and to empower them to break free and stay free. She truly understands the trauma. Anita has dedicated her life to be there for vulnerable women and is an inspiration.

Laura Le Hare, blogger and survivor

Anita has and is raising community awareness of the pervasiveness of family violence throughout Australia. Not only does she help society understand what family violence is but she also provides women with the knowledge to assist them in their recovery. Anita thank you for the powerful work that you do.

Community Development Worker, Teacher and single parent, survivor

Your group has been a great support to me thus far to help me navigate my own healing and recovery, as unfortunately, I have ended up with PTSD due to the FV towards me

Anonymous Group Member

I work full-time with women impacted by domestic violence. I have found reading your book, The Wolf in a Suit so helpful to speak up about the uncomfortable and to know what to say. I feel more confident and far more knowledgeble to have important conversations and be there in a real and professional way.

Counsellor/Social Worker

After decades of a troubled relationship with a sibling, I became aware that my sibling’s behaviour towards me actually constituted Domestic Violence. I had never named it as such, and it came as quite a shock. Knowing that Anita is a psychotherapist and a specialist in the field of DV, I saw her for a number of sessions to deal with, and heal, my distress. Anita was amazing. She very quickly and succinctly clarified the dynamic in my family and named my sibling’s behaviour as that of a “monstrous child”. That simple naming made an enormous difference for me. I was able to dissolve the self-blame I hadn’t even realised I was carrying, come to terms with the reality of the relationship, and minimize my contact. I am now very much at peace.

Anonymous Client

True to Anita’s style, she captivates you with her sincere honesty in her authentic and kind approach to deciphering what is going on internally and externally. The Wolf in a Suit stops you in your traps. (no pun intended) It is an awakening to what we need to stop, allow, and reinforce.

Anonymous Reader

The night about …. was just great. I really enjoyed the way you took us through the process step by step … you were very sensitive to the need for privacy, just in case people felt embarrassed. … I am grateful to learn from you with such interesting topics … so thank you

Anonymous Group Member

I am reading The Wolf in a Suit, and I want to tell you, every woman needs to read this book. You explain the details about relationships, love, anger, stress and being a whole person, as well as all the information about abuse that is relevant to every woman.

The book is written in non psychology speak which enables the lay person to understand and relate to the information in the book in the most gentlest of ways. 

Anonymous Reader

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