Keynote Speaker

Anita Bentata is a survivor of domestic violence. She is also a highly skilled, in-demand speaker and workshop facilitator with over 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist. She transforms challenging and complex topics with her warm and engaging style of speaking. Anita has a way of creating connections and a comfortable space, which opens up in depth conversation and clarity about the unspeakable.

Anita combines her professional experience with her in-depth personal experience of family and partner violence, neglect, trauma and personal impact on health and wellbeing. She understands first hand that abuse affects mind and body and encompasses personal, family, social, and legal structures.

We all want to be accepted, loved, become stressed, feel anger and experience challenges, many in relation to our thoughts, feelings and opinions, boundaries, relationships and community.

Anita’s open, honest and inspiring style provides practical steps to understand, connect and grow.

Potential Topics for your function

Fairy tales and truths about Domestic Violence

The 7 factors why people are still confused about Domestic Violence

The 3 keys missing from the conversation about Domestic Violence

How the Wolf in a Suit led to the Big Hearted Woman Bystander Action program

Relationships and Conflict

Love Secrets Gamechanger: what our parents didn’t teach us about love

What keeps politicians, men and women in violence inside the paradigm of high conflict

The Little Red Riding Hood Effect

Anita’s Story: from Abuse to Activating Artemis

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