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Are you a DV Survivor?

Melbourne Survivor Group

Women Starting Again is a supportive community group consisting of courageous women who want a place to feel safe and reclaim themselves, life, spontaneity, choices and relationships. This group provides a safe learning environment to develop effective skills and resources to enable moving on and resolving trauma. Women Starting Again is a group of 482 women and growing, who have been impacted by an abusive or toxic relationship at any point in their life, and want to start again. The women reside all over Melbourne. Small groups run weekly in the north, west, east and southern suburbs. Each week there is a talk, workshop or social event based on the knowledge and experience of Anita Bentata, a survivor of domestic violence and professional psychotherapist of over 20 years.

Anita created this group in March, 2016 when she heard there was a lack of group support available for women survivors, and with a lack of current trauma knowledge available for women to learn to enable women to be resourced and help them recover in mind and body, and women were feeling isolated, not part of their local community and who were not wanting to burden friends or family with the longterm, ongoing process of recovery. Only the group purpose is open to the public. Membership and event details are private and only visible to group members. There has never been any uninvited people attending at events.

Survivors outside of Melbourne

Groups will begin in regional Victoria and nationally, based on the Big Hearted Women Community. Contact Anita for further details or to request a group near you.


Survivor Online Program

The content is real, in-depth, practical, makes sense, comprehensive and provides NEW information. Providing missing pieces and a fresh perspective to relationship abuse.

“I felt powerful with this knowledge”
“It is jam-packed”
“This is helping me understand my past”
“Every woman should attend this course”

A 10 week program unpacking the myths and gaps for survivors to assist moving on.
WHAT YOU RECEIVE: 10 WEEKS OF 90 minute ONLINE (LIVE or RECORDED) SESSIONS, complete with recordings emailed to you. PDF of slides and comprehensive ebooks, handouts and bonus recordings of a range of healing and relaxation processes.

OneStress and Trauma and How to contain your involuntary stress response.
Understand your mind and body, and how to navigate through.
TwoGetting clear on what is domestic violence and why we still get confused.
ThreeThe steps to healing and moving on.
FourLove Secrets Game-changer! what our parents didn't teach us and why we get confused about Love. How being a woman affects us in love: personally, biologically and environmentally.
FiveAnger, and why we need to love it!
SixHelping children affected by abuse or ongoing contact.
SevenDeveloping emotional muscle, to be with conflict and trust.
EightPrepare or recover from court: magistrates and family court.
NineThe two faces of hope, moving on, and community.
TenPlay and reclaiming your whole self.
BONUS recordingOne hour Legal session with Joanne Law from Interact Support recording available.

If you have experienced domestic violence Contact us:

If you are experiencing an emergency, immediately dial 000 and ask for the police.

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