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The Wolf in a Suit

My original book that started it all!

Still a best seller!

Brilliant book by a brilliant lady .. I feel this book should be mandatory reading for teenage girls ... god if I had only read it years ago I would've saved myself a lot of misery!

Nessa Magee

The Ultimate Formula for Moving Forward

Anita has and is raising community awareness of the pervasiveness of family violence throughout Australia. Not only does she help society understand what family violence is but she also provides women with the knowledge to assist them in their recovery. Anita thank you for the powerful work that you do.

Community Development Worker, Teacher and single parent, survivor

Crazy Making Verbal Emotional Abuse Explained

As a writer and as an individual, I've referred to this book over and over. It holds a huge amount of crucial information to help women truly see the spidery web of abuse... and to empower them to break free and stay free. She truly understands the trauma. Anita has dedicated her life to be there for vulnerable women and is an inspiration.

Laura Le Hare, blogger and survivor

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If you are experiencing an emergency, immediately dial 000 and ask for the police.

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